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  About Project

Going into the planning for Giving Tuesday 2016, AHA identified a major missed opportunity to re-engage donors that had been a part of the “cold” file. The fundraising team received significant buy in for social advertising, and explored the possibilities of Facebook advertising, specifically, for the first time.

AHA’s Giving Tuesday efforts were tied in with a larger storytelling campaign that encouraged users to share their reasons for supporting heart health. Creative and messaging on Facebook supported this larger storytelling arc by featuring various “reasons”, and calling users to support theirs in the form of a gift. For all audiences in the Giving Tuesday campaign, AHA focused on the emotional appeal of supporting a loved one, which highlighted “the donor as hero” messaging. The team tested creative across generations in social and email to gain insights into which copy/creative combos resonated by age segment.

The key to success of the campaign was AHA’s methodical planning, social media “playbook”, and hyper-targeted strategy in the months leading up to Giving Tuesday. The creative inventory for AHA’s paid Facebook campaign was uniquely designed to cater to different generational interests (Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials), while also striking a balance of content that would generate broad appeal.

AHA was able to drive substantial increases in donations during their 2016 Giving Tuesday campaign, with approximately 60% of the total revenue in November coming from brand new donors. The coinciding Paid Facebook campaign drove a total of 2,715 visitors to AHA’s Facebook page, 78.5% of those visitors being new donor prospects. The ads garnered 306,893 impressions, 5,196 clicks and a CTR of 1.69%.

Additional Stats:
•46% increase in online donations over Giving Tuesday 2015. Social media accounted for 24% of total Giving Tuesday revenue
•$4M revenue generated in the month of December 2016


Andrew Magnuson - National Director of Digital Fundraising, American Heart Association

Donna Arriaga - Director of Digital Nonprofit Strategy, PMX Agency

Bethany Maki - VP of Nonprofit Strategy, PMX Agency