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California Faucets


  US - Huntington Beach,  CA

At California Faucets we believe in artisan hands, not mass production. Since 1988, our factory in Huntington Beach, California has manufactured customizable bath products with the latest bath and shower technology innovations, turning utilitarian products into beautiful design statements.

  About Project

A new line of bathroom faucets could easily be dismissed as just another mundane commodity. So when launching their new line, California Faucets wanted to infuse personality and entertainment in a way never seen before in the product category. The result? “Aqua Pella”—a video that depicts the faucets endowed with human voices and personalities in an America’s Got Talent-like singing audition. Each of the Pixar-character inspired faucets is determined to achieve its goal of making the pages of the California Faucets product catalog. By winning the favor of the stern tub filler judges, the faucets hope to achieve the ultimate dream of being chosen to harmonize with America’s best bath interiors.

In a market not typically known for using sophisticated technology and guerilla marketing tactics, the Aqua Pella video is a bold move that’s both humorous and memorable. As the animated faucets sing, the viewer forms an emotional connection with the characters and perhaps even continues to hum the catchy tune long after the video ends.

Through the Aqua Pella video campaign, California Faucets engaged with viewers and promoted their new product across several media platforms without a single yawn in the audience!