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Fraser Communications


  US - Los Angeles,  CA

A full service communications agency, Fraser Communications creates award-winning, integrated advertising and public relations campaigns for clients.

  About Project

In 2018 cannabis became legal for recreational use for those aged 21 and over in California. LA County was concerned that teens know about the possible consequences of smoking weed and turned to Fraser for innovative ways to educate and inform teens without scolding or saying “no”. Fraser turned to youth, ages 13-18, and conducted creative workshops with 50 teens to generate ideas. “Excuses” is one of the “winning” ideas. We engaged the teen creators in all production activities, and had them appear in the spots.


Creative Director: Bruce Dundore, Art Director: Elana Polan, Teen Advisors: Elijah Gonzalez, Lily Larson, Angie Arellano, Lyric Writer: Jay Edwards, Production Company: Beyond the Porch, Client: Rachel Tyree