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Passion Film


  IN - Mumbai

  About Project

BL Agro Oils Ltd. is an Indian company known for its infallible commitment to quality for over half a century in producing edible vegetable oils.
The main objective of the film ‘The Story of Liquid Gold’ is to inform the viewers about BL Agro’s product portfolio in different kinds of oils - mustard oil, blended oils and refined oils; along with the specialized processes that ensure the complete removal of impurities from the oil while maintaining its desired colour, nutrition value and unparalleled sparkling appearance.
Since all endeavors of the company is ultimately directed towards creating the best quality edible oil for its esteemed customers, the film therefore entirely focuses on visually celebrating this beauty of creation of ‘liquid gold’, following the oil in its turbulent journey from the factory to the packaged bottles.


Production House: Passion Film
Producer: Ricky Singh Bedi
Written, Directed & Edited by: Ranadeep Bhattacharyya & Judhajit Bagchi
DOP: Sylvester Fonseca
Oil Stylist: Goldwin Fonseca
Colorist & Online Editor: Varadarajan Muralidharan
Assistant Director: Shantanu Joshi
Music Composer: Arron Latina
Sound Engineer: Anilkumar Konakandla
VO: Mallika Choudhury
Factory photography: Varun Sud
Post Production Studio: Prime Focus & Pixion
Graph Animation: Rang Studios