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  CA - Walkerton,  ON

  About Project

After almost 20 years as an amalgamated municipality, the Municipality of Brockton needed to find a way to present a unified identity to residents, business owners, visitors and prospective residents. The municipality also continued to face the stigma associated with the 2000 Walkerton water crisis when communicating its story to external audiences. A brand refresh was an opportunity to introduce a cohesive look and feel for the Municipality. Our challenge was to create a new brand that all audiences could rally around, from newcomers to long-time residents.

With a 20-year-old logo and lack of consistency across materials, the Municipality wanted to move toward a more sophisticated, contemporary brand. In order to identify a brand story that was forward-thinking and authentic to Brockton’s roots, we conducted extensive consultations with the community, including six focus groups and two rounds of online and print surveys. Our research process uncovered the key values and attributes that make Brockton unique, which went directly into shaping our logo design and brand messaging.

The brand was built around the tagline “Come home to community.” This umbrella message encapsulates many of the stories we heard from residents during the brand consultations and ties to the spirit of community residents feel in Brockton, both in their day-to-day lives and during times of need. Brockton is home to committed community builders, a supportive small business community and regular activities, celebrations and festivals that bring people together. The idea of “coming home” is also central to Brockton’s homecoming celebration, a regular event that brings friends together because Brockton holds a special place in their hearts. Even for visitors and tourists to Brockton, our community always feels like home.

The new logo was designed to be an important communication tool that contributes to the Municipality’s overall image and identity. It appears in multiple forms and media, including on stationery, advertising, brochures, application forms, website graphics, municipal signage and more.

The three-colour Brockton logo represents the unique defining features of Brockton’s economy, culture, geography and heritage:

• The urban, farming and residential areas of the community are represented through silhouetted icons positioned above the Brockton name. The buildings include the historic Victoria Jubilee Hall, a modern commercial farm and a residential home.
• The green swoosh symbolizes the fertile agricultural land and unique natural environment within Brockton’s borders.
• The blue swoosh evokes both major bodies of water that run through Brockton: the Saugeen and Teeswater Rivers. The rivers are a defining feature, while also being a source of natural beauty and outdoor recreation.

Overall, the branding project involved a number of elements, including market research, analysis, community engagement, logo and tagline development, creative design, a communications strategy and brand guidelines. The final logo design was chosen through a community-wide vote, and the new brand was launched in conjunction with the community’s new website.

As we implement the new brand over the next year, our brand story will be communicated in many ways, including through:
• Brand visuals, such as the logo
• Stories and images shared through social media
• The municipal website
• Community publications
• Events and celebrations
• The customer service experience delivered by staff

The new brand will help drive community engagement, business development, investment and relocation for years to come – all important elements in helping Brockton flourish now and into the future.


The Municipality of Brockton partnered with eSolutionsGroup to create the Brockton branding strategy and associated materials.