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Foster Avenue


  US - Lakeville,  MN

Foster Avenue is a nationwide marketing advisory firm in Minneapolis, MN, that helps clients find the right path for better marketing, communications, and approaches in strategic growth.

  About Project

InteProIQ is a cyber-security training company that believes in educating the human equation of cyber safety. Most cyber attacks that lead to theft of data and intellectual property are the result of a lack of preparedness and general awareness among employees about the threats and cyber dangers that exist.

InteProIQ hired Foster Avenue to create a business-to-business video to help explain the inherent risks of cyber attacks to businesses, large and small. The goal was to tell the story in a compelling, light and humorous way in order to avoid the more typical grim and dire tone common with such messaging.

This video features a balloon as an analogy to a typical business, with both taking the very shape "on the outside of what's on the inside." Protecting that thin barrier between employees and outside forces that are trying to compromise crucial company data is why InteProIQ is in business, and it's why this video was created.


Mark Luis Foster, Foster Avenue, for Story, Script and Directing

Brian Klein, Amplify Motion Edit, for Motion Graphics