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Calgary Economic Development


  CA - Calgary,  AB

Calgary Economic Development works with business, government and community partners to position Calgary as the location of choice for the purpose of attracting business investment, fostering trade and growing Calgary’s workforce.

  About Project

‘This is Calgary’, also known as the Calgary Anthem video, is a rally cry for the city to recognize Calgary’s potential as the leading destination for the world’s best entrepreneurs who want to solve global challenges through technology. As the primary video asset of the Live Tech. Love Life. campaign, ‘This is Calgary’ is the overarching inspirational message behind it – the video expression of the creative platform, which is that Calgary is the only place where you can truly live tech and love life.

The Calgary Anthem video recognizes the city’s legacy in energy, agriculture and other diverse sectors, while emphasizing its potential in emerging sectors, particularly with the rapid pace of digital transformation. With its inspirational message and recognizable imagery, the purpose of the video is to instill pride among Calgarians, inspire Calgarians to come together and continue building the city, and to motivate like-minded entrepreneurs outside of Calgary to bring their big ideas here.

The Calgary Anthem video takes marketing to a different level and was built to not only instill enthusiasm for those outside of our market to give consideration to a progressive community where their endeavors could thrive, but also to help remind our community of the outstanding spirit that lives within each and every person regardless.

‘This is Calgary’ has received attention both locally and abroad via organic and paid circulation. This is a testament to its ability to tug at the heart strings, motivate and inspire. Nearing the end of a nearly 5-year economic downturn, it was a much-needed rally cry for the city, instilling hope in residents and excitement for opportunity in those wishing to make Calgary their home. Imagery that is important to Calgary’s history, such as the Stampede and the 2013 flood, are used to strengthen the message of the narrator and build familiarity. Additionally, this video has proved to be impactful even when edited down to various lengths.


Since the primary objective of the video was to influence the narrative of Calgary as a thriving hub for tech & innovation, and the video has only been in circulation for half of a year, there are no economic development impact metrics to report on yet. 

The metrics we can provide are that in a 4-month circulation (Dec, 2019 – March, 2020) the long form video experienced 724K views on YouTube and reached a total audience of 941K.