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Maven Collective Inc.


  CA - Squamish,  BC

Maven Collective Marketing is the multi-award winning, trusted digital marketing agency and partner to B2B software and B2B software services companies to help businesses disrupt and redefine their marketing strategies to thrive in the oversaturated marketplace of B2B software sameness.

  About Project

Maven Collective Marketing approached the new website redesign/redevelopment for BONZAI Intranet from the ground up by developing a new brand positioning strategy, digital marketing strategy and buyer journey mapping to accurately inform and refine the optimal approach for BONZAI’s content marketing strategy. In order to achieve this, more than two dozen BONZAI clients and employees were interviewed for qualitative analysis and quantitatively BONZAI’s website performance was measured against their three closest competitors. This body of work helped us to define BONZAI’s greatest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the current intranet/digital workplace market, which we then used to form the basis of the messaging for BONZAI’s website content.

In an effort to reach our goal of establishing BONZAI Intranet as a thought leader in the intranet space, we focused on creating website content that would engage and empower website visitors. Providing valuable content was a vital component of the new BONZAI intranet website so we created assets such as an Intranet Content Audit Template, Intranet Governance Template, Intranet Teams Handbook and more. We also incorporated valuable insights in the form of blog posts, customer case studies and whitepapers, while also including relevant stats throughout the webpage content that were backed by academic and industry studies, further establishing BONZAI as a buyer education leader in the intranet/digital workplace arena.

The unique value proposition that was drawn out of all those client/employee interviews, The Stress-Free Intranet, was outstanding branding work drive through collaboration with Creative Engine, which Maven Collective Marketing married with a new content marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy and paid advertising strategy for BONZAI. These strategies required rebuilding foundational assets of the BONZAI brand, including on-demand webinars, feature sheets, case studies, whitepapers, resource templates, etc, all that were integrated into the content marketing and lead generations strategies born out of the initial research, analysis and planning of where BONZAI existed in the market and where BONZAI needed to grow.

Beyond the messaging, the most critical components of the creative and content strategies were marrying the right visuals with the ‘Stress-Free’ messaging to evoke the emotional desire to feel that way about their technology solutions, which meant pairing beachscape and mountain views with simple language about the stress-free technology included in the platform and the stress-free services included with the purchase.

Maven Collective Marketing took a phased approach to build and execute the content and website strategy for BONZAI Intranet, rolling out the new branding, messaging and digital marketing strategies into the launch of the new BONZAI website for full integration of the strategic plan and establishing new goals/KPIs to track and measure over time. After launch, the planned outcomes were met and exceeded, with the CEO of BONZAI Intranet, Marisa Goldenberg, stating, "Maven Collective Marketing has elevated our brand to new heights, from every individual piece of educational collateral to our stunning and comprehensive website. Although the website is only a few weeks old, we have already seen a significant increase in the quality of our website leads, resulting in nearly 100% conversion to a demo."


Erica Hakonson - Principal, Maven Collective Marketing

Gonzalo Alatorre - Creative Director, Creative Engine

Denise Ching & Michal Pisarek - Co-Founders, BONZAI Intranet

Cathy Fitzgerald - Digital Marketing, Maven Collective Marketing

Fady Azmy - Digital Marketing, Maven Collective Marketing

John Short - Designer, Creative Engine

Brent Grover - Developer, Creative Engine