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  US - Portland,  OR

Solid Digital is a full service digital agency specializing in digital consulting, web design & development, application design & development, and digital marketing.

  About Project

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DELV, a sister company to Cryptech Solutions, was founded with an emphasis on safety, quality, and service. The Massachusetts brother-and-sister team who founded Cryptech Solutions for crypto mining in 2016, determined that safer, better hardware and customer service was lacking in the market, and thus, they developed DELV.

In the world of cryptocurrency, change can happen overnight. DELV’s one-page, sparse website was developed quickly as a placeholder to coincide with the brand’s business launch, but the team needed a partner to future proof their online presence and build a more robust site better aligned with the DELV brand and showcasing their story. Their placeholder website didn’t indicate the high-quality of their products and services, nor call out their brand’s differentiators. And most of all: it didn’t foster the trust vital to a crypto company focused on elevating standards for their clientele and the industry at large.