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  UA - Kyiv

SAPHIRA is a creative advertising, branding and marketing agency offering the full-spectrum of marketing services to startups and developing companies around the globe.

  About Project

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DGY is a real estate investment company operating in the Ukrainian market. Our goal was to make an explainer video that made its initial communication with potential investors friendly and welcoming.

DGY's clients consist mainly of international investors; therefore, we needed to communicate their message to a global audience. Since animation is an easily understood universal medium, we created an 2D animated explainer video to solve this challenge.

One of the challenges was to create a stop-motion animation of a bird. We wanted this character to stand out visually as its main goal was to guide viewers throughout the plot.


Art Director: Shira Schapiro
Producer: Ksenya Melenevska
Scriptwriter, Director: Anastasia Kirii