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Manberg Strategies is a one-stop shop for healthcare communications that supports a variety of non-profit clients needing supporting with traditional, social media, analytics, design and more.

  About Project

As part of a larger strategy to target multiple swing states with SDFU's message about the value of corn ethanol, we drafted multiple opeds to reach voters as a critical time in the election. The Iowa senate race was also heating up and ethanol had been a hot topic of late. Thankfully, the Des Moines Register's opinion editor agreed SDFU's point of view was of interest to its many readers and ran the oped detailing higher ethanol blends as a winning solution not just for Iowa but for the nation. The oped was shared in support by multiple industry influencers as well from Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.


Doug Durante, Executive Director, Clean Fuels Development Coalition (co-author)