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LHWH Advertising & PR


  US - Myrtle Beach,  SC

LHWH is a leading full-service agency in the Carolinas, with real estate, tourism, entertainment and healthcare clients. The Interactive Division provides comprehensive online business solutions, offering interactive services such as SEO strategies, web design and interactive campaign strategies.

  About Project

2021 gold Site bug-01

Summer was approaching, and people had just spent many months confined in their homes during the pandemic. With the worst of the pandemic over, people were beginning to think about travel again. But many were still concerned about being in crowded places.

We ran a series of digital banners that reminded people that ‘breaking free’ was as simple as booking a plane ticket to North Carolina’s Coast – where there are plenty of beautiful wide-open spaces for them to safely enjoy.

We used language such as ‘Freedom’ and ‘Break away’ in the ad headlines to generate excitement at the notion of having that experience. When clicked, the banners led visitors to the Coastal Carolina Regional Airport website. There, they could further peruse all the wide-open spaces to see and visit… and also check on available flights to help get them there.


Art & Creative Director – Steve Ellwood

Brand Architect – George DuRant

Digital Services – Tracey Geary