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SmartBug Media is an intelligent inbound marketing agency that assists businesses in generating leads, increasing awareness, and building brand loyalty through inbound marketing, digital strategy, design, marketing automation, and PR.

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Integrated Marketing Campaign:

Reports/Survey/Infographic/Blog Posts


In February 2017, CVM Solutions created the first-ever State of Supplier Diversity survey to take the pulse of the industry. Both supplier diversity programs and diverse suppliers provided input as they sought to get a full picture of what both sides of the coin experience.

In July 2017, CVM released the results in two separate reports with 40+ pages of statistics and analysis and, to date, more than 300 people have downloaded them. The landing page currently has a 48% submission rate, far above the typical 5-15% we see for average ebooks. Response from the market has been positive with numerous people reaching out to CVM with praise for the reports.

To fully leverage the effort, we also created two infographics as well as blog posts which focus on specific aspects of the survey.

CVM plans to make this a yearly initiative.


Jessica Vionas-Singer

Kristen Patel

Joe Gillespie

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