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studiooberhauser is a design company led by Martin Oberhauser. Working on a multitude of projects with an interdisciplinary team of creatives, studiooberhauser’s main work is based around product design, interior design, 2D and 3D animations and the production of media content. The design company has achieved considerable success in the design industry winning several design awards, the most recent being three German Design Awards, a Hermes Creative Award and four BigSEE Design Awards for the year 2021.

  About Project

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Innovative packaging made for the brand JOSEFUS from sustainably sourced apple paper “Cartamela” from South Tyrol, Italy. Josefus stands for sustainably sourced, local and biological meat products, locally processed and sustainably packaged. The package design reflects these values by using locally produced apple paper “Cartamela”, made from the press residues of apple juice production. This organic paper is as durable as conventional recycled paper and can be printed on and processed just as well.
The packaging of the JOSEFUS glasses reflects the brands ideals of sustainability, highest quality and excellence. The innovative packaging can be opened by lightly pressing on the incisive lines on the sides and a simultaneous opening motion of the two sides. The packaging beautifully opens like a flower and thus creates a fundamentally new unpackaging experience. This design provides a hitherto impossible solution to package tumbling glasses and upvalue the product presentation and experience.