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Calgary Economic Development


  CA - Calgary,  AB

Calgary Economic Development works with business, government and community partners to position Calgary as the location of choice for the purpose of attracting business investment, fostering trade and growing Calgary’s workforce.

  About Project

Live Tech, Love Life is our flagship talent attraction advertising campaign aimed at positioning Calgary as the only place where you can truly live tech and love life: do meaningful, industry-disrupting work and enjoy an unparalleled quality of life. This talent attraction campaign was created to change perceptions of the city, in turn making outside talent more willing to relocate to Calgary. There are over 2,000 open tech positions in our city and multiple companies have voiced the need to bring more tech talent to Calgary so that these tech companies can continue to grow.

The purpose of the campaign is to destroy the current perception of Calgary as a city with only energy and cowboys and to instead raise awareness for the city’s diversified, emerging industries and its entrepreneurs and companies doing game-changing work with technology. In addition to influencing the city’s narrative and raising awareness, the campaign’s goal was to help drive talent attraction to fill the more than 2,000 open tech positions in the city. The first paid advertising campaign aimed to bring the target audience to the ‘storefront’ of Calgary in the hopes that they’ll be interested in browsing our offerings, and in turn start a more comprehensive search for job opportunities here.


Campaign Metrics:

-27M+ impressions overall (27% more than originally estimated)

-YouTube - 724K video views; 941K+ audience reached

-LinkedIn - 1.4M+ impressions

-Programmatic Native - 10.2M+ impressions; Audience reach of 2.1M+

-Instagram - 804K people reached

-Snapchat - 5.6M+ impressions; 1.6M+ audience reached

Website Metrics & Engagement:

From Oct 16, 2019 – March 10, 2020, the site saw over 46K sessions and over 37K unique users.