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Made of Lionesses


  US - Basking Ridge,  NJ

Formed out of our passion for initiating projects that are adventurous and full of color, Made of Lionesses™ seeks to empower you to dream big while doing social good. Our services include: Experiential Art Installations, Innovative Marketing & PR and Design Thinking Workshops.

  About Project

The objective of Living Lyrics was to give a taste of what it’s like to step inside song lyrics while fulfilling its philanthropic mission for Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation, which benefits USMC Vets and at-risk youth via ocean therapy. We couldn’t be prouder to help individuals coping with mental and physical illnesses by raising as much money as possible for their adaptive surfing program with the Living Lyrics initiative. Part of the purpose was also to honor the relationship between bands and their fans by bringing Third Eye Blind’s music to life in a new way via an experiential art installation. How could I make the fans feel music in a new way? How could I bring to life the chemistry between the band and the audience? How could I capitalize on the magnetism that draws the two together to generate donations? [Living Lyrics was built pro-bono by Made of Lionesses.]

The beauty of this music video is that it wouldn’t exist without perseverance through COVID-19. Living Lyrics was originally built to be in-person at a Third Eye Blind concert in March ‘20, then June ‘20. But with the show cancelled due to the pandemic, we still wanted to raise as much money as possible for the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation. So, in May we brought it to life in our backyard and filmed it to be able to share the video online to inspire donations. We wanted to share the entire creative process, so our Made of Lionesses social media platforms detail from the initial spark of the idea all the way through to the final film.


Jason Audette (Creative & Technical Director)
Tim Bradley (Editor)