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TRIMM is a digital agency with headquarters in the Netherlands. Established in 1993 TRIMM has been pioneering and crafting the internet for over 25 years, becoming a true digital partner for multinationals all around the globe.

  About Project

One For All is the producer of universal remote controls, TV wall mounts, digital antennas, and other TV accessories. Their challenge was to optimize the digital landscape for the end-user: the consumer.

The previous version of the digital One For All platform consisted of a multi-domain webshop, where products could be purchased directly from the company. Unfortunately, this platform offered few possibilities for marketing and inspiration purposes. In addition, the platform, which was still running on an older version of Magento, needed an update to support security updates.

One For All was curious whether offering the products on its own platform would add value to the brand experience and sales. The sales of their own products demand a lot from One For All in terms of logistics and fulfillment.

Tests and results
In order to validate the earlier mentioned hypothesis, the project started with an A/B test on the platform running on Magento1. During the A/B test, two versions were shown: the first version only showed the ‘Where to Buy’ button, and the second version showed the ‘Where to Buy’ button but also the webshop of One For All. Surprisingly, the test results showed that the first version performed significantly better. One For All saw this effect directly in the sales data and therefore focused on the ‘Where to Buy’ functionality for the new platform.

During the strategy phase, digital agency TRIMM conducted a thorough investigation into the value position of One For All and the needs of the end-users. Based on the knowledge that the close connection between marketing and design ensures that the platform can perform successfully.

The main outcome of the strategy sessions was that the platform needed a good mix of inspiration and information. A UX researcher and UX designer from TRIMM and GriDD designed wireframes. The wireframes were brought to life by design agency Kern. Subsequent to the design phase, TRIMM technically upgraded the platform by adding new components to the Drupal CMS, giving the platform a commercial purpose and multilingual function.

Results and benefits
The result is a renewed platform on which the user is inspired and informed by a good mix of storytelling and sales. Smart-tooling supports the user throughout the entire customer journey. The product selector ensures that the user always chooses the right remote control, wall mount or antenna for their situation.

Once the user selects the right product, the user is optimally informed about the possibilities and the (online) selling points are displayed. Even after the purchase, the customer is optimally supported by several self-supporting tools that are linked to the back-end systems of One For All. And finally, the platform is technically easier to maintain and a lot safer.

About One For All
One For All is totally focused on developing products that enable users to experience ultimate home comfort. They are committed to delivering simple solutions by introducing meaningful innovations that are truly universal. With products sold in over 13,000 stores across Europe, they are a true specialist when it comes to digital audio-video accessories.
More information: https://www.oneforall.com/about

The platform is realized in cooperation with digital agency TRIMM: https://www.trimm.nl/en