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Moonshine Agency



Moonshine Agency is an Australian-based impact film production house sharing global stories.

Our experience spans more than 10 years in impact filmmaking and we specialise in all areas of the production process – from ideation and campaign development through to communication strategy, outreach and distribution.

We have been behind more than 50 award-winning films and our work has been recognised worldwide by the global Horizon Interactive Awards, the Indie Fest Film Awards and the Accolade Global Film Competition, among many others.

The Moonshine Agency team is driven by a shared mission: to create an impact through the content we craft. We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences for the brands we work with.

  About Project

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New School tells the story of three remarkable Australian schools engaged in shifting from an industrial education paradigm. Their vision places students at the centre of learning to prepare them for a dynamic and changing world. New School provides examples of programs and spaces that activate deep learning, inquiry and agency. It is a compelling story asking, if you could build a new school, what would it look like?