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Abstrakt Marketing Group


  US - St. Louis,  MO

Based in St. Louis, MO, Abstrakt Marketing Group is a business growth agency serving over 700 clients nationwide. With 270+ employees, Abstrakt has grown rapidly since its founding in 2009. Abstrakt is a full-service lead generation company, offering both inbound and outbound solutions.

  About Project

At Abstrakt Marketing Group’s monthly company-wide meetings, we take the time to reaffirm our company mission, discuss the progress being made towards our annual goals, and showcase how we’re actively fulfilling our company vision in an fun, inclusive, and transparent environment. Each and every team member is in attendance, as we firmly hold the belief that everyone plays an integral role in our company’s success. That’s also why above all else, our monthly company-wide meetings are held to celebrate our achievements.

We open every meeting with a custom video highlighting our people, our culture, and the embodiment of our “work hard, play hard” mentality. Our video production team continues to amaze us with their sheer talent and creativity.


Copywriter: Laura Wilmes
Directors of Photography: Austin Baumgartner & Jordan Ridenour
Editorial, SFX/Sound Design: Neil Erker
Starring: Caleb Vermillion
VFX: Neil Erker & Jordan Ridenour