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Avid Core LLC


  US - Woodbridge,  VA

Avid Core creates inclusive messaging that resonates with even hard-to-reach audiences. We’re proactive communicators and avid problem solvers. We craft concepts that make people feel, buy in, and take action. Avid Core is an economically disadvantaged, woman-, minority-owned small strategic communications firm committed to building trusted relationships. We are strategy-driven storytellers, problem solvers, and decision-makers. We specialize in key message development, audience identification, education outreach, digital material and presentation development, cultural and language translation, and market research. Co-founders Amanda Roberts and Virginia Quiambao Arroyo launched Avid Core in 2020 in an effort to improve communication and outreach processes for our communities.

  About Project

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In 2021, PlanRVA made a public commitment to put equity at the center of its community engagement efforts and decision making. To make progress with this important commitment, Avid Core was brought in to create the agency’s first Community Engagement Strategy and Implementation Plan.

Avid Core’s approach was rooted in feedback from a diverse group of stakeholders, including local tribes, community groups, and minority-owned businesses. Using the information gathered, Avid Core created a comprehensive strategy that outlined a set of concrete, measurable goals, identified key stakeholder groups and messages for each, prioritized communications and outreach tactics for achieving the new goals, and defined roles and responsibilities for practical implementation.

Implementation is in its early phases, but the new strategy has already allowed PlanRVA to successfully lobby for a budget increase and to gain approval from its Board of Commissioners for the creation of a new Community Engagement Manager position.

Avid Core’s data-driven approach also offered a foundation for new community partnerships to expand PlanRVA’s reach and impact with historically underserved populations. PlanRVA staff are using the conversations started during the assessment phase to build new relationships.

The final strategy created by Avid Core provides PlanRVA with a framework for the future that prioritizes inclusive community engagement efforts, both internally and externally.