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Ketner Group Communications


  US - Austin,  TX

Ketner Group Communications is a public relations, marketing and communications firm serving clients in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

  About Project

PlumSlice is one of the fastest growing providers of product information management (PIM) solutions for ecommerce retailers. They hired Ketner Group in 2017 to manage their external publicity affairs – including media and analyst relations, blog program and social media presence. In early 2018, Ketner Group made the recommendation for a more robust and strategic content marketing program that included sponsored social media content to drive brand awareness and lead generation among PlumSlice’s core prospect audience. Launched in June 2018, the program has proven highly successful to date. Managing a modest budget for a B2B technology firm, Ketner Group was able to deliver unprecedented returns for PlumSlice.

The program consisted of highly curated blogs addressing the key business challenges that ecommerce retailers face today, with particular emphasis on the value of PIM to solve them and the unique characteristics of the PlumSlice solution that traditional solutions do not offer. These blogs were posted on the website and to LinkedIn, and versions were placed as thought leadership bylines in critical industry publications. By promoting these on LinkedIn through selective targeting and continuous optimization, the program yielded the impressive results detailed in the attached slides. PlumnSlice’s CEO was extremely pleased with early returns and requested the information we’ve provided here in order to show the board the strong ROI provided by their relationship with Ketner Group.