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DPDK Digital Agency



20 years of transformation, change, innovation, and adaptation. We saw tech emerge and disappear, trends come and go and customer expectations change and grow.

Today more than ever, our clients count on us to be new every day. As an innovation partner, they rely on our experience and expertise dealing with continuous transformation and resilient adaptation. We help them answer and exceed customer expectations in an hyper-personalized landscape, keep them on the offense, and have their brand differentiate through customer experience.

From 20 years till now, and from offices in Rotterdam, New York, and San Francisco, we can proudly say we are still living our mission:

Transforming brands through exceptional digitalism.

  About Project

2021 gold Site bug-01

Help an automotive visual safety systems manufacturer to make their new product stand out with a product launch website and campaigns. The brand needed a visual upgrade and a brand repositioning to stand out in a particularly competitive industry.

A bold and powerful website designed to communicate a balance between old and new, heritage and modernity. The website attracts and engages with the B2B target audience in a very effective way.

Rosco Case Study

Founded in 1907, Rosco is one of North America’s leading suppliers of backup camera systems, mirrors, visors, and other visual safety solutions to the worldwide commercial vehicle market.

With the help of DPDK, Rosco is transforming into a 2021 B2B Technology Company.
It includes:
● Solidifying brand strategy
● Refreshing brand identity
● Creating purposeful, clear, engaging, and (brand) consistent experience
● Setting up their MarTech stack and marketing campaigns
● Launching new products and Rosco website including engaging B2B content

What we did for Rosco Vision:
● Brand strategy
● Design Thinking
● Brand positioning
● Digital product innovation
● Visual Design, Content & Video Creation
● Identity design & style guides
● Concepting
● Brand tone of voice
● Packaging design
● Trade Show Stand Design
● Website Design and Development
● Setting up Transformational B2B Marketing & Product Launch
Digital Marketing Strategy Creation & Implementation
● Digital New Product Launch & Lead Generation Campaigns
● Prospecting, Look A Like, and Remarketing Campaign Set Up
● Martech Stack Set Up to support multi-channel digital marketing
● Product Launch Campaigns for their new product
Performance Marketing Automation Campaigns Set-Up
● Creating Campaign Assets for all social networks and ad networks
● Conversion Rate Optimization
● Transformed their Measurement Framework, Analytics, and Reporting Set Up to enable Rosco to be data-driven marketing and sales organization.


Rosco Vision:
Ben Englander
Amy Ahn
Avery Englander
Carissa Cancel
Benedict Ahii

Michael Vromans
Paul Jitta
Bill Marks
Davide Mancini
Duncan Palmer
Martijn de Koning
Ben Verschuur
Casper Sterrenburg
Hoda Abouzeid
Melissa Williams
Robin van de Pasch
Sanna Balluff
Thomas Albos
Armands Paplavskis