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  US - Lexington Park,  MD

What is AVIAN? AVIAN (pronounced ay * v * yin – relating to a bird-like flying creature) is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business founded by retired U.S. Navy test pilots who believe talent and passion are the right traits to get the job done.

We are resourceful, responsive and reachable for our clients in program, financial, and logistics management; science and technology research and development; engineering and systems engineering; test and evaluation of manned and unmanned aerial systems; workforce development and training; communication strategy and graphic design.

Headquartered in Lexington Park, Maryland, we relish in the process of cracking open a Maryland blue crab and the delicious reward you get with a little hard work. Our team spans
from sea to shining sea supporting the Department of Defense, specifically, the Naval Air Systems Command the Naval Sea Systems Command and the Office of Naval Research; and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

We operate in a culture that thrives on innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. We move fast, take risks and don’t settle for the status quo.

  About Project

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The Space Shovel Podcast is one of three podcasts on the Work Awesome Network, powered by AVIAN.

The Space Shovel Podcast's goal is to build brand awareness for AVIAN overall and showcase our entrepreneurial spirit as a company.

Each episode focuses on trending topics with an AVIAN twist of making a business case for each subject. For example, in the first episode, we look at the LiDAR built into the newest iPhones with one of AVIAN's resident LiDAR experts. In the conversation, the group imagines where the technology could lead us in the future and how we, at AVIAN, can make those ideas a reality.

Each episode is hosted by Ian Wolbert, Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist, and Dan Nega, Vice President for Strategic Innovation.

LiDAR was just the tip of the iceberg in this inaugural run of the series. Guests chat about everything from the Mars Rover to The Hack on the Colonial Pipeline, keeping topics timely and relevant!

This series is available on all audio streaming platforms, YouTube, and the Work Awesome Network website, https://workawesomenetwork.com.