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Township of Wilmot


  CA - Baden,  ON

The Township of Wilmot is a lower tier municipality within the Region of Waterloo. Wilmot’s vision is to be a cohesive, vibrant and welcoming countryside community. It is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada with population forecasts expected to reach 28,500 by 2031.

  About Project

The Township of Wilmot desired a website that would reflect its vision of a cohesive, vibrant and welcoming countryside community. Staff also wanted the new website to be the primary medium for communicating with citizens, visitors, business owners and investors quickly, easily and efficiently. They desired an engaging website that was mobile-friendly and easily navigable, while also being informative and visually appealing.

The Township engaged a cross-section of citizens and business owners in focus groups. They also invited all Township residents to complete an online survey. The responses were compiled and analyzed and formed a basis for the new site’s design and content priorities. Township staff also completed a needs analysis so they could set priorities and a long-term strategy for their online communications.

The new website illustrates Wilmot as a progressive, exciting and connected community, while retaining its roots and ties to history and heritage. The site includes four landing pages, each with its own unique theme. As the Township evolves more landing pages may be added with the reusable landing page template.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to stay aware of the Township’s events and news by subscribing to e-updates and notices. An alert banner advertises important messages on the homepage. The website provides a solid foundation on which to grow – something that is a priority for Township staff. All content was rewritten to meet accessibility guidelines and reorganized in an intuitive site structure.


Wilmot Township Staff
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