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Rightpoint is an independent customer experience agency with technology at its core. We create impactful digital experiences driven by insight, strategy, design, and technology to help clients succeed at the speed of innovation, serving over 250 Fortune 1,000 companies.

  About Project

We set out to transform what it means for a nonprofit to fundraise through digital and mobile innovation. Pelotonia, an organization known for its incredibly successful cancer research fundraising, approached us with the goal of spreading their impact beyond the company headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

We brought together the best customer experience talent to hear what users have to say and then identified a thoughtful mobile solution. The concept for PULLL was born. The PULLL mission is focused on growing the community and helping to fuel cancer research.

We designed and developed the PULLL iOS and Android apps to help runners, walkers and bicyclists turn their activity into funds to fight cancer. The apps and their features were created in a way that allows everyday people actively advance the mission to end cancer in their day-to-day lives.

Rightpoint moves at the speed of innovation however we also believe practical innovation happens through incremental improvements. During the digital design of PULLL and collaboration with the client, the team analyzed how people are currently raising money, what activities are they naturally doing and how PULLL could include those activities for big results. We looked at social aspects as well to learn from multiple industries – a unique approach for engaging a community for fundraising.

A number of thoughtful features were built into the app in order to make the largest impact into the community, including:
• Initially the app was intended for biking however we quickly realized users wanted to fundraise based on other activities such as walking and running. Expanding the activity types within PULLL has grown the user reach substantially.
• Maintaining a sense of “Pelotonia Community” was so important for PULLL’s success. With Friends & Followers Support features, users follow their friends and like their activities.
• The community needed to achieve organic growth. Features were built allowing users to share their activity and profile page in an effort to grow awareness, share activities, and seek donations. This a foundational element of the user base and allows the community to grow easily.
• Boost Functionality adds the ability for users to ‘boost’ others by making a donation to their activity. This allows funds to grow organically.
• The app needed to seamlessly fit into everyday life. We integrated with MapMyFitness allowing exercises to be synched, making it easy for existing fitness tools and habits to be populated into PULLL.
• The Pelotonia community needed to feel at ease and comfortable using the app and sharing their information. We built Enhanced Privacy settings so that each user can manage which elements of their data and activity are shared.
• Robust Notification Strategy leverages timely push notifications and an inbox to keep users motivated by letting them know when they reach milestones or have new sponsorship pools available.

In the 5 months since launch, PULLL has timed almost 30 years worth of indoor activities and covered over 2 million miles of outdoor activities. 25K+ users have unlocked over $500,000 for cancer research through running, riding, walking - and most importantly – boosting each other’s efforts.

For more information on the case study, visit https://www.rightpoint.com/case-studies/pelotonia