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  US - Tempe,  AZ

From Co-op to Agency: In 2003, a few friends imagined a servant-minded, creative co-op doing great work from a cool space, even going so far as to draw it up on a coffee-shop napkin. It took six years to make it official.

Since 2009, we’ve been unlocking remarkable brands, challenging our clients to leave their comfort zones, emboldening them to serve people well, and giving them the tools to deepen relationships with their customers.

We Tell Stories of Remarkable Brands. Resound brings together people of varying, rich backgrounds to speak into our clients’ brands. So we don’t just hire people with experience in marketing, but also backgrounds in everything from law enforcement to university researchers and everything in-between.

Those rich backgrounds give us plenty to draw from, and we’re always excited when our clients challenge us to learn a new technology, manufacturing process or point of view that we can help them share with the world.

  About Project

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After completing a company-wide rebrand, Resound set out to create a video that both communicated UDA's values and showed their industry-leading quality standards. What resulted is a film that captures UDA's story of being united in excellence.


Shot and Produced by: Sam Pagel

Editing: Corey Gilmore

Copywriting: Curtis Miller

Voiceover Talent: Dave Pettitt

Client: United Dairymen of Arizona | Roxy Helman, Senior Director of Communications