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Since 2015, Janus Advertising has partnered with brands and agencies to create one-of-a-kind experiences, customized to fit each unique situation. Our process is smart and our people are among the brightest in our industry. Leaning into our 25+ years of “big agency” experience, we use our carefully developed project methodologies to create a consistent, efficient and effective experience for you and your business.

  About Project

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Right To Know and NAAP (National Association of Adoptees and Parents) have come together to host their first ever summit, Untangling Our Roots 2023. Their goal is to unite the adoption, assisted reproduction, and non-paternal event communities into one amplified voice; advance awareness and education; seek truth and healing; and foster connections and understanding.

Janus Advertising stepped up to provide website design and development for this summit, first with a simple one-page site to enlist speakers for the event, and then a full website to showcase the details of the event and to allow people to register.

While the nonprofits had already developed a logo together prior to engaging us, Janus Advertising created the overall branding for the site, which the clients used in other materials. We then developed the website in full, and continue to manage all updates so the clients can concentrate on their much-needed collaboration together to produce this event. Along the way, the Janus team continues to provide counsel and make ourselves available to help in any way we can.


Heather Janus Traum - Project Oversight

Lisa Barker - Design

Alin Istrate - Development

Jen Higginbotham - Development and Content Management

Jen Ann Santiago - Project Management and Quality Assurance Management