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studiooberhauser is a design company led by Martin Oberhauser. Working on a multitude of projects with an interdisciplinary team of creatives, studiooberhauser’s main work is based around product design, interior design, 2D and 3D animations and the production of media content. The design company has achieved considerable success in the design industry winning several design awards, the most recent being three German Design Awards, a Hermes Creative Award and four BigSEE Design Awards for the year 2021.

  About Project

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Wentiquattro, the first notebook and planner made by women for women.
Wentiquattro's aim is to empower women and help them achieve their professional and personal goals. This is also shown in the branding and logo, which contains the letter “W” that stands for “Weiblichkeit”, femininity in German, and in the number 24, where the “2”, also used as letter “Q”, has the symbol of femininity embedded.


Design, Renders and Graphics by studiooberhauser
Photos by Alan Bianchi